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We understand the anxiety students with learning differences can face. In an educational setting, as well as at home, students with learning differences often experience frustration, embarrassment, and shame. Our goal is to equip parents and teachers of these children with the tools needed to overcome their challenges.

Meet our Founder


JaWanda McCleod, NBCT

JaWanda founded Determined Educators LLC using her 30 years of experience as a Special Education teacher. She’s worked with countless educators, parents, and children to develop evidence-based strategies that improve literacy skills for students with learning differences.

Her credentials include:

  • National Board-Certified Teacher
  • Structured Literacy Dyslexia Interventionist
  • BS in Special Education
  • Masters in Specific Learning Disability
  • Special Education Teacher for 30+ Years
  • Awarded “Above & Beyond the Call of Duty” from Birmingham School Board by Dr. Mark Sullivan, Superintendent
Dyslexia Interventionist
wilson dyslexia practitioner

Frequently Asked Questions

A: Effective strategies for struggling readers include:

  • Practice reading High Frequency Words (HFW) by making flash cards. Practice 5–8 words at a time, and read these words daily (search the web to find words).
  • Practice spelling words out loud (orally), on the tabletop with your finger, and/or on paper with a pen/pencil/marker.
  • Practice phonemic awareness skills (search the web to find worksheets).
  • Use adaptive technology. Find educational games on your computer or tablet. Adaptive technology enables students to work at their own pace and on their own learning path.

Brooklyn's Story

In elementary school, Brooklyn was a struggling reader. She improved significantly after consistent sessions with Mrs. J. McCleod, a dedicated Reading Interventionist. Determined Educators have tailored, evidence-based strategies and personalized support for progressing reading skills that lead to improved comprehension and confidence. Brooklyn's success story showcases the positive impact of targeted intervention on a student's academic journey.

Hear From Those We’ve Helped

"I want to thank Ms. McCleod for everything she's done for our family. My daughter, Brooklyn, struggled a lot with her reading, syllables, and pronunciations. She has progressed to the next grade and can pronounce words better and read better now."

—Parent of a Successful Student

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